Eco-Cart is the New Standard

Powered by Eco Battery® Lithium Batteries

- Uniquely Universal -
Compatible With 1000s of Available Parts and Accessories

On-board Charger

Eco-Cart features a water proof sealed onboard charger. Just plug in using a standard drop cord and top off your battery. This 51V Charger is optimized to charge 51 Volt lithium batteries FAST, while ensuring a long battery lifespan.

Premium Features

Eco-Cart comes loaded with premium features like 5k AC motor, Navitas 600 amp controller, MODZ seats, 4-speaker marine radio, LED light kit, turn signals, extended top, flip rear seat, and cupholders.

Premium Electric Hunting Cart by Eco-Cart

Independent Front Suspension

Trail Buggy by Eco-Cart features a heavy-duty long travel independent front suspension.

25" ATV Tires

25" ATV tires provide maximum traction and a quality ride.

Rear Cargo Box

Folding rear cargo box converts to a rear seat in a few seconds. You can easily convert from rear seat to cargo box with just one hand.

For the longest time, you only had three choices: EZ-GO®, Yamaha®, and Club Car®.  Then new golf cart companies started popping up all over.  Most of these companies do not actually build anything.  They import partially completed carts from Asia and finish assembling them.  Now you have dozens of choices.  However, will you be able to find replacement parts and accessories for these carts?  The big three (EZ-GO, Yamaha, and Club Car) have been around long enough to have created a solid offering of aftermarket parts and accessories.  Typically, personal use carts are customized with a variety of aftermarket performance parts and accessories.

Eco-Carts are built on a chassis with EZ-GO® TXT mount points. Components found on an Eco-Cart can be upgraded or replaced with virtually any component that will also fit a TXT. This build concept ensures that our carts can be serviced now and many years into the future. Perform a quick Google search for "EZ-GO TXT accessories" and see for yourself the dozens of distributors and resellers that sell parts and accessories to fit this build.

Make the sustainable choice by choosing Eco-Cart.

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